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GPS-400 Series   GSM GPRS or CDMA 1XRTT
Cellular In-Vehicle Tracking Device


GPS-400 Series - Cellular Tracking Device with Voice & Garmin


What is a cellular tracking Device?

A cellular GPS tracker (GPS Tracking Device) utilizes the Global Positioning Satellite System to receive location specific data and transport that data to a tracking software for visual interpretation over a cellular network. 

The manner in which information is presented on the tracking software will ultimately determine how thoroughly a business incorporates a GPS tracking solution and makes use of the available information.

Active GPS Tracking Technology

Such a GPS tracking system is also known as an active tracking or a real-time system as this method automatically sends the information on the vehicle or asset location to a central tracking portal or system in real-time, as it happens. This kind of system is usually a better option for public safety and commercial purposes such as fleet tracking, asset tracking or monitoring of people.  This is a useful way of monitoring asset productivity or the behavior of employees as they carry out their work and of streamlining internal processes and procedures for delivery fleets.

GPS-400 Cellular In-Vehicle Tracking Device

The GPS-400 is a miniature, self contained, low cost Automatic Vehicle Location unit that operates over any cellular network. It provides intelligent GPS Tracking, with optional Voice and Garmin Navigational Terminal interface.

The unit is designed for demanding mobile environments where performance and reliability are essential. The unit is also provided with external auxiliary inputs and output to connect to vehicle sensors and controls.

For Voice operation, the M60 Headset is an easy to use device from Plantronics (available from CES). Its over-the-ear design provides stability and the boom-mounted microphone offers clear calls.



The GPS-400 is also compatible with Garmin PND (Personal Navigation Devices) providing job ticketing, text messaging and routing.

The GPS-400 is compatible with
POWER-trak3 (PC/Server/Desktop Tracking Software), FleetLinc (web based tracking software) or use your own GPS tracking software.

Specification Overview

Rugged, Industrial GPS Cellular Tracking Device
Internal Cellular Antenna
Internal GPS Antenna
Dimensions: 82 x 46 x 21 mm (L x W x H)
Operating Voltage: 9 - 32 V DC operational for 12V & 24V vehicle support per SAE J1455
Deep sleep and low power management
Operating Temperature: Non battery version: -30ºC to 85ºC Battery version: -20ºC to 60ºC
Vibration: In accordance with SAE J1211
(3) digital outputs
(2) analog inputs (0-16V, 0-32V)
(3) digital inputs
1) 1 wire interface (Driver ID)
(1) Ignition Sense
Voice Support: Audio (MIC+, MIC-, SPKR+, SPKR-)
Serial Data I/O: RS-232 (RX, TX, CTS, RTS)
Dual 3-axis digital accelerometers for motion and towing alerts, and driver behavior reporting (rapid acceleration, harsh braking)
CERTIFICATIONS: FCC, Industry Canada, CE, GCF 3.43.1, eMark, RoHS, PTCRB 5.6
Optional: Garmin® FMI: , Version 2.7 with integrated safe mode (v.2.6) and speed limit alerts
Optional: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (230mAh)
Optional: Voice Headset and Control Cable





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GSM GPRS Cellular
GPS Receiver
External Antennas

On Board Memory
    GPS Location
    Input Activations
    Ignition On/off
    Driver Behavior
Voice Calling
Garmin Interface

Cable Harness


Windows Smart Software

Tracking Software
FleetControl API
Your Software


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Driver behavior training

Reduce after hour driving

Detailed route and activity

Identify underutilized assets

Decrease fuel usage

Reduce insurance premiums

Decrease driver overtime

Increase productivity

Can be used in conjunction with CES real-time GPS devices to reduce real-time monthly fees

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