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POWER-trak3 Professional Tracking Software


Now ALSO Supports Kenwood NEXEDGE and Motorola MOTOTRB

Fleet Management Software for your PC/Server  - One Time Cost or Monthly Fee

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POWER-trak™ is a professional, real-time fleet management software system utilizing some of today’s most advanced technology. This innovative solution gives you the power to do everything from vehicle tracking, two-way messaging, vehicle status reporting, sensor and control monitoring, reports, credit card processing and complete integration to many third party market specific software packages, all from the comfort of your PC or laptop. This is not a web based solution; the software resides on your PC to provide fast processing. Available for a single computer or for a networked Server, it provides a multilevel, multi-user, multiple wireless network capability.

  • Complete PC/Server/Web Tracking Solution

  • Fast Graphical Data Processing

  • Supports Popular Wireless Network including Cellular, Two-Way Analog/Digital Conventional and Trunked Radio, Satellite and Wi-Fi

  • One Time Cost or Monthly Fee

  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking

  • Google Earth Support

  • Alert Email Notification    

  • Arrival Email Notification  

  • Vehicle Status Grid

  • Look Up Addresses

  • User Defined Reports

  • Real Time Alerts

  • Define Locations and Zones

  • Vehicle Sensors and Controls Grid

  • 2–way text Dispatch & Messaging

  • Historical Data (no limitation)

  • Vehicle Activity Replay

  • Automatic Email Alert Delivery

  • Optional Credit Card Processing

  • Command Scheduler

  • Maintenance Alerts

  • API for third party software integration

  • Integration to Web Server

  • High quality graphics for easy viewing

  • Fast zoom in or out without loss of resolution; no waiting for internet map download

  • One time cost – no monthly fee for software use

  • Custom icons; you decide what your vehicles will look like

  • Push-pins for important geographic locations like your shop, vendors or customer facilities

  • Maps reside on your computer, so no time consuming downloads or high speed internet required

  • Multiple windows to reduce cluttered screens

  • Easy-to-use interface; no difficult software to master

  • On screen panning allows you to follow a vehicle or route in any direction with ease

  • Select vehicles for detailed views

  • Text Messaging

  • Pre defined messages

  • Vehicle Status Grid

  • Sensors and Control panel

  • Replay vehicle activity anytime for any period since system deployment

  • Report…report..report ..and more reports

…and lots more

In today’s business environment, fleet managers are tasked with the goal of maximizing the return on fleet assets. By providing tools to dispatch, manage and locate your vehicle directly from your PC you immediately gain increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. In-vehicle devices are easy to use, require little training to operate, are self contained and can be easily integrated to third party accessories as necessary. The POWER-trak software is installed on a single computer (or Server and Client workstations) together with maps of the required geographic region and can also be integrated to your existing software.  

Automatic Vehicle Location

POWER-trak provides intelligent automatic vehicle location including a host of advanced features to provide the fleet manager with real time data; and management with detailed reports on vehicle activities. With an innovative architecture that fits the lifestyle of today’s busy fleet management professional, the Map module provides Zoom, Locate, Track, Pan, Distance, View Manager etc. All screens provide for drag and drop columns, allowing the dispatcher to customize the screen and information according to their needs and view.

Real Time Vehicle Management

Imagine air traffic controllers trying to manage the flow of aircraft without radar and flight data! Now imagine your fleet with the technology to provide you with eyes in the field. By knowing what your assets are doing you achieve not only cost efficiencies, but levels of customer service your competitors only dream about.

Make intelligent decisions by clicking on a map location, and seeing in real-time which vehicle is closest to that point. Add Map Views for quick access to geographical regions. Print screens or save to file. Search street address to determine routing or vehicle closest to a point. View on demand reports to gain instant insight into vehicle activities.

Real Time Vehicle Status

By monitoring the speed, location, time and vehicle activities such as engine on/off, door open/close and stop/starts etc, you can create an efficient flow of traffic that is necessary to maximize your asset use. Check fleet activities and current vehicle status using the Fleet State Grid which provides the information to create schedules and traffic flow.

 Messaging/Job Tickets

Send free form or pre-defined text messages to in-vehicle console or printer. Information and instructions and job tickets that take 2 minutes to convey by voice are dispatched in seconds with positive confirmation and no errors.


Using GeoZones, you can draw a zone on the map. When any of your vehicles enters or exits the zone, POWER-trak will notify you with a simple report entry and an audible alarm on the computer. Further, the geo-zones can also be programmed into the vehicle devices, providing even more accurate entry and exit information.

Host Software Interfaces

Integrate to your existing software system and create a seamless flow of data. All data communication (both to and from the vehicle units) may be accessed via an optional API (Application Program Interface) allowing the mobile units to have a real-time interface to your CAD, Logistics, Inventory, Accounting and/or other software systems.

Data Playback

POWER-trak provides instant replay of all vehicle activities for any period of time, even if it is for an event 20 years ago!

Map Data

POWER-trak is available with highly advanced and detailed mapping, or if you have your own map data, it is compatible with MapInfo and ESRI standards. In addition, customize your system with overlays of your own data, for example, water and sewerage lines, power lines, city zoning areas etc.

Wireless Networks

POWER-trak is compatible with the popular GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1xRTT cellular wireless networks (or use your existing conventional or trunked radio system). GPRS and CDMA provides for security, speed, reliability and coverage is available in almost every country around the world. Multiple simultaneous networks are supported in POWER-trak.


POWER-trak provides instant reports of all of the vehicle data in as many different permutations and formats as we could think of. In addition, you can access the data using your own report-writing tool. Print out reports of your tracking, messaging, and status updates for your vehicle, including entry and exit from zones and sensor activations. You can also export tracking data to other software applications, such as Microsoft SQL, Excel or Access.


Companies Report


Companies Report: A master report on each Company using the system providing a great overview of company information and parameters.



Vehicle Report


Vehicle Report provides information on hardware type, last update, time, source ID, assigned base ID and ID when interfaced to third party software systems.



Base Report


Provides detailed information on each Base or Plant operating the POWER-trak software system.



Message Report


A master report showing all aspects of vehicle Message activity during a self definable time period. Provides a great overview of company vehicle usage. Select by Vehicle ID, Time, Inbound, Outbound (or both).



Alerts Report


A master report showing all aspects of vehicle Alert activity during a self definable time period. Select Status, Retry, Region Entry, Region Exit, Speed Exceptions and Emergencies. Print or view by Vehicle ID or Time.



Activity Report


A master or individual vehicle report showing all aspects of Vehicle activity during a self definable time period. Select by Positions, Region/ Speed, Status, Sensor Inputs, Control Outputs, individual Sensor Inputs/ Control Outputs, individual Status and print or view by Time or Vehicle ID.



Mileage Report


A master or individual vehicle report selectable by mileage or mileage reset date/time period, view or print by vehicle, mileage or reset time. Eliminate payroll inaccuracies with this report. Allows you to quickly and easily confirm hours worked for your entire mobile workforce by login/logout or both, date/time and print or view based on vehicle or time.



Drivers Report


Increase driver accountability, reduce insurance premiums and limit corporate liability by monitoring driver speed when in transit. Selectable by vehicle, range of vehicles, time/date period or speed in excess of a programmable speed.





A master or individual vehicle report providing detailed information on sensor control input activities, and control output activities. View or print by vehicle ID or time



Status Report


A master or individual vehicle report providing detailed information on vehicle status activations. View or print by vehicle ID or time



Stopped/Idling Report


Dramatically reduce your fuel bills by reducing unnecessary idling. Now you can be sure that vehicles are turned off rather than idling at jobsites, etc. A master report showing all aspects of vehicle stop activity during a self definable time period.



Speed Report


A master report showing all aspects of Speed activity.


The availability of data in reports is dictated by the parameters programmed in the vehicle device.


PT3 is compatible with Microsoft Windows platform.

Networks Supported

PT3 supports conventional/trunked radio, satellite, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1xRTT cellular, Kenwood NEXEDGE, Motorola Mototrbo and can be easily extended to support other wireless network types.


trak-CONTROL is an Application Programming Interface (API) tool providing  third party software providers with a convenient method to interface with the CES data system. It provides bi directional data connectivity using a Serial or TCP/IP connection.



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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Driver behavior training

Reduce after hour driving

Detailed route and activity

Identify underutilized assets

Decrease fuel usage

Reduce insurance premiums

Decrease driver overtime

Increase productivity

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