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Mobile Data & Fleet Management Products
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PT101  Personal GPS Location Tracking and Voice Calling

Deploy one of the most affordable and complete personal tracking/voice devices on the market today. The PT-101 Personal Tracker offers the opportunity to provide vehicle monitoring, personal safety, security, and recovery services.

GPS-206 GSM GPRS Cellular Tracking Device

The PT101 is a miniature device that allows consumers or fleet managers to remotely track the position of a loved one, pet, asset or any other important item in real-time through the Internet. The PT101 Personal Tracking Device combines the technology of global positioning satellites (GPS), cellular phone communication and the Internet in a compact device that upon request can transmit its exact location in seconds to give the end-user a complete solution.


    Quad-Band GPS/Voice Phone
    GPS/A-GPS with 14 Satellites
    Internal GPS Receiver/GPS antenna
    Inbound and Fixed Outbound Calling
    Motion Sensor
    Vibrating Alert
    Push to Talk for Voice calls
    Timed GPS Update
    Distance GPS Update
    Speed Exception
    Mileage Updates
    Valid/Invalid GPS Reporting
    Idle Reporting
    Stay Awake while Moving
    Wake-Up and Keep Alive
    Auto-Activate, Auto Reset
    Low Battery Update
    Geo-zone Exit/Entry
    On Demand Geo-zone Creation




A key component to the PT101 Personal Tracking Device is the FleetLinc website control panel. Through this password protected user interface, the customer can locate their device (s), identified online as a user defined nickname such as Sean, Volvo, Cart etc. Through proprietary mapping software, users can see street address detail for the location of their device, or zoom out to get a wide-angle view of the device's location. Users can define a territory, known as a GeoFence in which the device can travel freely but when the device travels outside the GeoFence area, an Alert is provided.   The Web Site also provides a relay facility and multiple reports enabling the customer to provide historical information quickly and easily.


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