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Skytag Flex Globalstar Satellite GPS Tracking Device

Skytag Flex Globalstar Satellite GPS Tracking Device


The Skytag Flex is a miniature, self contained, low cost, GPS tracking device that operates over the Globalstar satellGlobalstar GPS Tracking Device ite network providing almost global coverage.

Globalstar is one of the world’s largest satellite data services provides, using low orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for low-speed data communications including GPS tracking devices. Globalstar data solutions are used for a variety of asset and personal tracking applications. Globalstar offers these services to commercial and recreational users in more than 120 countries around the world.

Many land based and maritime industries make use of the various products and services that operate over the Globalstar satellite network, from remote areas beyond the reach of cellular or other wireless services.

Skytag Flex - Globalstar Satellite Tracking Device

The SkyTag FLEX is the smallest, most cost-effective, multi-year, battery powered satellite tracking tag available today, representing a break-through in GPS asset tracking, RFID tag and monitoring solutions. Available with an unprecedented three-year warranty, this ruggedized device is designed to withstand harsh environmental extremes, and has been awarded the highest certifications available today in a tracking device.

Asset Tracking - Intelligent Remote Monitoring
The SkyTag FLEX represents a breakthrough in satellite-based asset monitoring and tracking technology. Operating on Globalstar’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) simplex satellite data network, the SkyTag FLEX provides GPS visibility, event monitoring and remote asset data on a near global basis. Ideal for low volume messaging the SkyTag FLEX provides commercial and government customers with the most cost-effective satellite solution available.

• Multi Year Battery (up to 3000 messages)
• GPS with Antenna
• Satellite Transmitter with Antenna
• Magnet Switch On/Off /Alarm
• Serial USB port
• Internal Motion Sensor
• Timed, Motion, Threshold Updates

Small, Compact, Rugged Design
• 3.5 x 4.0 x 2.0 inch
• 14 ounces

Compatible Tracking Software
FleetLinc Web Based Management
• POWER-trak3 PC/Desktop/Cloud/Web
• Your Software Choice Using API
• Third Party Market Specific, e.g. 911, CAD

Safety Approval
• U.S. UL 60950, U.S. UL 913, Class 1, Division 1 (Groups A, B, C, D),
• Intrinsic Safe Operation


Globalstar satellite provide coverage beyond cellular and other wireless networks.

GlobalStar Satellite Data Coverage






• Satellite GPS Device
• Everything Built In
• Magnet Switch On/Off
• Serial USB port
• Internal Motion Sensor
• GPS Timed, Motion, Threshold Updates


Obtain Asset Visibility

Prevent Theft
Reduce costs

Improved Planning

Improved Asset

Peace of Mind

Location Audit Reports

Relay Maps

Decrease fuel usage

Reduce insurance premiums

Increase productivity

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