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A Look at CES Wireless
The quality ethic
We are not typical


The CES Wireless Story...

Founded in the early 1970's, CES Wireless is today well recognized as both a pioneer in wireless and internet information technology, and a source of innovative solutions for the most challenging of mobile information projects. 

CES is now CES Wireless Technologies. This is more than just a name change, it is a renewed commitment to exciting current and future technologies wherein radio, data, internet and wireline services converge as we approach the new millennium. CES Wireless Technologies is poised to use the latest technologies to provide economical solutions to problems of yesterday and tomorrow.

The CES Wireless International Headquarters in Winter Park, Florida, houses the research, engineering, production, support, sales and marketing divisions. A secondary development office is also located in Hong Kong.

Products and system solutions are sold worldwide, either factory direct, or through authorized resellers, distributors, systems integrators or software partners.

Throughout the Company's history of continuous and consistent growth the overriding factor for the tremendous success of CES is a "Worldwide Commitment to Excellence".

Our clear vision emphasizes product diversity, innovative design techniques and technical excellence. CES's achievements over a quarter century result from exceptional people and adherence to fundamental values. Our product successes range in complexity:

    • Mobile Messaging & Status Terminals

    • Seamless Back Office Processing

    • Vehicle Tracking Systems

    • GPS (Global Positioning System)

    • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)

    • Mapping & Dispatch Software

    • Single & Multiple dispatcher software

    • Wireless Integration

    • Specialized & Customized Development

    • OEM and Custom Product Development

The company has introduced a generation of products that meet unusually stringent environmental specifications including waterproof products built to military specifications for public safety. CES Wireless takes the lead in the application of microprocessor and digital signaling processing (DSP) technology.

CES Wireless is a major OEM supplier to virtually all manufacturers of mobile radio equipment. As one of the oldest signaling companies in the world, CES Wireless has earned the respect of equipment manufactures worldwide that demand exacting standards and specialized signaling.

At CES Wireless, we service the world and mankind through challenges and changes, sharing shoulders with other world class partners, colleagues and friends.

Welcome to our world, we look forward to serving you.

The Technology

Rapid change that brings new ideas and technologies creates major opportunities for progressive companies like CES Wireless. CES has demonstrated a remarkable ability to reinvent itself to better respond to changing trends with a dedicated research and development team. We are committed to providing our customers with solutions utilizing the latest technological advances.   Company Info | Employment

The Quality Ethic

Consistent high quality is the foundation of our philosophy and the cornerstone of our business. Achieving the highest level of quality is not simply a guideline. At CES Wireless our standard of performance is "Zero Defect".    Company Info | Employment

The Service

Good service means not only delivering product and services on time and within budget, but also listening and acting on our customers concerns. This attitude has helped us grow worldwide.

We have made a firm commitment to all our international markets. You will receive outstanding support, regardless of geographical location.   
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The People

CES's reputation for high-quality performance has been achieved through the creativity, expertise and experience of its people. The company attracts, motivates and retains recognized leaders and encourages them to use their own innovative talents and skills.  

CES Wireless supports these technical leaders with teams of people possessing outstanding skills in the technical, marketing, management, and administration areas.   Company Info | Employment

The Training

Our sales force is trained to provide customers with the knowledge they need to improve their operations. Our philosophy towards our customers is simple: we are partners in growth.    Company Info | Employment

OEM Services

For the past two decades CES Wireless Technologies has provided customized products and solutions to equipment manufacturers worldwide. With our considerable expertise, manufacturers, system integrators, dealers and distributors realize that it makes perfect sense to have a signaling specialist like CES Wireless develop a solution for them, rather than attempting to do something which may not be within their area of expertise.

Our Private Label program is like having your own in-house development operation without the logistical problems and expense. All products and documentation bear your company's name. We are transparent to your customer, but we handle all the design work and production functions for you.

CES Wireless can take an idea and present you with a finished product, or take your detailed specification and provide you with a product in quantities that meets your markets demands. It is a win-win situation for the customer, and because CES is engaged in activities of this nature everyday, we can provide product in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The exacting standards, integrity and confidentiality that our existing customers demand will be extended to you and your organization.

Contact our Sales Department at 800-327-9956 or +407-679-9440 for further information. We will be happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you prior to discussion of your product needs. 
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We Are Not Typical

Our dedicated Custom Product Development Team offers extensive facilities, in-house prototyping, full run productions and added-value capabilities. We offer you an affordable alternative in product design.  Company Info | Employment

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