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CES Wireless Support...

CES Wireless offers outstanding service and support on all of our products. If you need help now, our technical support is there for you, ready with the answers. 

Please review this entire page, including the section entitled Expired Support.

If you have a 24 hour support contract your MIS or key contact person will have been provided with an emergency contact number. If you wish to obtain 24 hour coverage, please contact your CES Wireless sales executive, or your CES Wireless dealer or software partner.

Our technical support teams cover our entire product base. And every team member really is an expert, with extensive and up-to-date professional training.

Technical Support can also provide you with technical back-up documentation, schematics and technical reference materials and manuals.

Please review the Expired Support section below. To return a product for repair, (warranty or out of warranty)ship prepaid to:

CES Wireless Technology Corp.
Repair Department, RMA # 9999
931 S. Semoran Blvd #200
Winter Park, FL, 32792, USA

CES Wireless will not accept any charges, duties, custom fees, etc., on product returned for repair. If any charges apply, the shipment may be refused by our warehouse. Clearly indicate the problem with the product. If you require a price quotation, please indicate (charges will apply to diagnose and prepare a price quotation.

Extended Repair Plan
Ask about the CES Wireless Service and Repair Plan.

How to get support
Please review the Expired Support section below.


If you have a support contract you will have been provided with contact information.

If you do not have a support contract, and your product is under warranty, telephone our support department call +407-679-9440. Monday - Friday 9AM - 2.00 PM Eastern Time.

Please review the Expired Support section below. You can fax your support request to +407-679-8110 anytime. You will normally receive a same day response.

Please review the Expired Support section below. You can e-mail your support request to
support @ceswireless.com

Expired Support
For CES Wireless to deliver the highest quality of support possible, it is sometimes necessary to expire support for discontinued and obsolete products and apply those resources to the support of the latest developments and technologies that CES Wireless has to offer.

All electronic products have a certain 'life cycle'. This 'life cycle' is dictated by many factors, including the availability of the component parts. While these products may continue to provide satisfactory performance for many years beyond the 'life cycle', parts availability may become an issue after a certain time frame.

CES Wireless first manufactured products over 25 years ago. Many of these products are still in operation, however parts may no longer be available. If parts are no longer available or we have not manufactured the product for 5 years, we term that product "obsolete".

Obsolete Customer Support
Once a product has become obsolete, CES Wireless technical support representatives will no longer provide free telephone support. When available, manuals, schematics and other documentation may be obtained through the CES Wireless sales department, or through our web site.

If available, service materials for obsolete products are made available with the clear understanding that CES Wireless representatives will not provide telephone support for such products.

Obsolete Repairs
CES Wireless does not provide a repair service for obsolete products.

Alternative Products
CES Wireless will provide you with information on an alternative product. Please call our sales department for further information.







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