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Application Program Interface (API)

.........Integrating the Solution to Third Party Software

trak-CONTROLÔ is a software application that provides continuous and seamless, secure mobile originated data to third party enterprise software applications in a true real time environment. It is available as a license option in the POWER-trak3™ software suite.

fleet-controlÔ is almost identical but it is a standalone application (does not have any dispatcher screens, e.g. mapping, dispatch, status etc). fleet-CONTROL only supports the CES Wireless interface protocol, uses TCP/IP and entry of a vehicle database is not necessary.

Hundreds of customers currently use the CES Wireless API which makes it easy to integrate business-critical software systems into various market specific applications, providing a quick return on investment.

This a unique software that automatically provides all of the wireless management functions, takes care of the interface to many different wireless infrastructures, while supporting both CES Wireless dispatcher/mapping software (trak-CONTROL) and providing a seamless connection to third party enterprise software.  The software is multi-channel supporting two-way radio, trunking, CDPD, GSM, CDMA and satellite compatible. 

In addition to the wide range of currently supported data streams that can be easily integrated into any number of applications including routing, dispatching or payroll applications, the CES Wireless API now also supports two new features; secure-encrypted® credit/magnetic card and bar code reader information.

Organizations that can benefit from CES Wireless fleet management and mobile information services include those in any industry or public sector in which improving the productivity of mobile workers has an impact on revenue, expenses, customer service or competitive advantage.

A Software Developers Kit is available to enable developers to quickly provide the seamless wireless data solutions.

What does the CES Wireless API do?

  1. It acts as a gateway to provide an interface between the CES Wireless fleet management system and the non-CES 'host' enterprise software systems. In effect, it manages the information transfer between the mobile fleet and the non-CES software system, automatically providing all of the radio management functions, providing an interface to many different radio infrastructures (multi-channel), controlling retransmissions etc. CES Wireless has published a document for 'software developers and integrators' which details the communications protocol for third party software providers. (Ask for document gateway.doc
  2. It acts as a complete diagnostics tool, recording not only all of the communications between and to the mobile fleet but also between itself and the non-CES software system. This is a very valuable tool should problems occur.
  3. On-line support is provided by any CES Software Support Center. This allows the CES Wireless technical support personnel to access your system and diagnose, optimize or enhance your system. 
  4. CES Wireless provides proven tested interfaces to a number of popular software systems in many markets already, including, Taxi, courier, transportation, readymix, EMS.

  5. The software uses a TCP/IP or serial ASCII (fleet-CONTROL TCP/IP only).

  6. The API provides the following data flow to the 'host' system:

  • GPS - Automatic Vehicle Location data (in and out control)
  • Outbound text and status messaging
  • Inbound status and text messaging
  • Credit Card processing
  • Bar Code reader processing
  • Vehicle printer support
  • Engine management system support
  • In vehicle sensor information
  • In Vehicle control output command
  • Work Order Processing with real time routing update
  • Data flow from in-vehicle serial devices 

Software Partners

Download trak-CONTROL brochure

Download fleet-CONTROL brochure

Apply to become a certified CES Wireless Software Partner

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